In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re providing support in a variety of ways globally to employees, artists, songwriters and the broader music community, including:

Expanded Wykee Foundation Program

We expanded our Wykee Foundation program to support those in the music community most deeply impacted by the virus. Through our programs direct fundraiser system created to support organizations and musicians. We also launched the “Wykee Now Foundation” to harness the collective power of our passionate community of music-lovers — ranging from employees to artists to fans — to support and partner with organizations around the globe that are working towards meaningful positive change.

Assisting Artists, Songwriters and Independent Labels in Challenging Times

Our company —TR3SVN Empire is offering qualifying artists, songwriters and independent labels affected by COVID-19 financial assistance to help them weather the challenging times.

TR3SVN Empire

TR3SVN Empire, LLC is an entertainment agency founded by David Wykee in 2014.

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